Caroline Hammond is a singer songwriter of uncommon grace and natural musical lyricism. She casts a wide net over a number of different genres and influences such as Afro-Cuban, Blues, Folk, Gospel and Australian coffee house folk.

Caroline’s music is difficult to categorise; simply put, she finds the grace in the mundane, the stories under the rumpled blanket of the everyday. Deserted beaches, growing old, rainstorms, sunsets, and the gentle tales of peoples lives. These are stories we all know, and can find touchstones in.

Her latest album, ‘The Grace of Gravity’, expands upon her previous recordings with a glorious depth and compassion. Evolving over three years of solo visits to a secluded ocean-front town, it is an album of intimate introspection and a glorious celebration of life, music, and character.  

A true multi-instrumentalist, Caroline is equally at home behind Afro Cuban percussion or coaxing an aching lament from a Malian Kamale N’goni as she is driving a guitar or a ukulele.

Always restless, Caroline is currently working on her next project, even before the ink on this latest album has dried. 


  • Between the Shoreline and the Moon
  • One More Trip Around The Sun
  • The Grace of Gravity